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Franklin property transfers, Jan. 2, 2013

Property Transfers for 37064 as recorded in Williamson County

S Carothers Road, Franklin, buyer: Crescent Lockwood LLC, seller: South Carothers Partners, price: $7,485,989.

203 Downs Boulevard, Turnbow, Franklin, buyer: Ryer LLC, seller: PTW Properties, price: $1,600,000. 

1221-1225 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, buyer: Civil War Preservation Trust, seller: Cameron Properties, price: $1,850,000.

2811 Mack Private Lane, McEwen Estate, Franklin, buyer: Erik and Cristie Guess, seller: Patricia L. Lampley, price: $125,000.  Vacant.

509 Bancroft Way, Rogersshire, Franklin, buyer: American Home 4 Rent, seller: Robert and Wendy Peels, price: $274,000.

5808 Wilkins Branch Road, Franklin, buyer: Eric T. Byford, seller: Federal National Mortgage, price: $103,000.

1101 Downs Boulevard, #232, Hardison Hills, Franklin, buyer: Secretary of Veterans Affairs, seller: Reconstruct Company Sub Trustee, price: $123,382.

Long Lane, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Goodall Builders, seller: Parthenon Investment Partners, price: $128,000.  Vacant lots.

453 Mackenzie Way, Sullivan Farms, Franklin, buyer: Brookfield Relocation, seller: Chad and Kristi Boarman, price: $349,900.

453 Mackenzie Way, Sullivan Farms, Franklin, buyer: Joel and Trisha M. Barone, seller: Brookfield Relocation, price: $349,900.

206 Cedar Drive, Hill Estates, Franklin, buyer: Liberty Luxe Properties, seller: Les Lazarus, price: $64,500.

1167 Buckingham Circle, Buckingham Park, Franklin, buyer: Stephen S. and Laura E. Chandler, seller: Johnna and Robert H. Rightmyer, price: $314,000.

450 Turman Road W, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Stonegate Homes, seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders, price: $88,000.

309 Caverns Square Lane, Barclay Place, Franklin, buyer: Michael A. and Deborah L. Foster, seller: Jones Company, price: $390,000.

207 Althea Place, Barclay Place, Franklin, buyer: Georgeann M. Brown Revocable Trust, seller: Jones Company, price: $414,483.

104 Villanova Place, Barclay Place, Franklin, buyer: Patrick M. and Kathleen V. Rannick, seller: Jones Company, price: $425,424.

1409 Sunset Drive, Highland Gardens, Franklin, buyer: Earle Anthony and Jennifer Kemp Mulligan, seller: Equity Trust Company, price: $244,500.

112 2nd Avenue N, Franklin, buyer: Harpeth Associates, seller: Robert C. Crosby, price: $620,000.

313 Scottish Court, Ralston Glen, Franklin, buyer: Joseph Macjason Wisener, seller: Mary W. Caudell, price: $324,900.

Pate Road, Franklin, buyer: Anthony Brandon and Elizabeth Gotcher Priddy, seller: Felicia P. Coe, price: $178,200.

1801 Granville Road, Orleans Estate Condos, Franklin, buyer: Vicki Clark, seller: Tennessee Housing Development Agency, price: $62,500.

Gallant Ridge, Estates of Gallant Ridge, Franklin, buyer: Warren Barfield and Megan Barfield, seller: John Kevin Hyneman, price: $105,000.

182 Cottonwood Drive, Cottonwood Estates, Franklin, buyer: Joseph and Corrie Summerville, seller: Mark R. and Kathryn H. Federico, price: $345,000.

613 Hillsboro Road, #A-12, Executive House Condo, Franklin, buyer: R. Wangner, seller: William E. Conn, price: $77,000.

1101 Downs Boulevard, #237, Hardison Hills, Franklin, buyer: James Dwayne and Connie J. Powell, seller: Kimberly Goin Weinschenk and Danny Goin, price: $162,750.

631 Stonewater Boulevard, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Rodney and Donna S. Yawn, seller: Carbine & Associates, price: $866,468.

106 Curry Court, Highlands of Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Brandon and Shea Hynick, seller: Shaw Enterprises, price: $344,500.

412 Boyd Mill Avenue, Franklin, buyer: Mike and Melissa Payne, seller: Gary N. and Jeannie L. Robinson, price: $317,500.

Westhaven Boulevard, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Stonegate Homes, seller: Westhaven Partners, price: $266,800.  Vacant.

93 Popular Street, Berry Farms Town Center, Franklin, buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders, seller: Rural Plains Partnership, price: $72,900.  Vacant.

Wild Elm Street, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders, seller: Westhaven Partners, price: $240,000.

3151 McMillan Road, Franklin, buyer: Robert A. and Carol A. Hendry, seller: John and Diane Jordan, price: $785,000.

608 Prince Charles Way, Buckingham Park, Franklin, buyer: John R. and Joanna Kimbler Lea, seller: Dewey C. and Ruth A. Sammons, price: $279,900.

Pewitt Road, Franklin, buyer: Wanda F. Fox and Thomas C. Fox, III, seller: Sharon C. Sullivan Trust, price: $20,000.  Vacant.

2617 Link Drive, Dallas Downs, Franklin, buyer: Ashlie and Matthew West, seller: Christopher T. and Kari Russell, price: $268,000.

830 Shade Tree Lane, Stream Valley, Franklin, buyer: Aaron P. and Jennifer M. Stoops, seller: Elizabeth Larson, price: $317,270.

2024 Ober Brienz Lane, Brienz Valley, Franklin, buyer: Freddy Floyd and Kimberly Rushing, seller: Arnold Homes, price: $403,000.

6283 Meeks Road, Franklin, buyer: Jarratt Gunnells, seller: Carey Darlene Miller n/k/a Carey Miller Payne, price: $250,000.

460 Truman Road W, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Brunswick Construction, seller: Kerry Leyn and Paul Arnold Turner, price: $85,000.  Vacant.

454 Truman Road W, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Brunswick Construction, seller: Kerry Leyn and Paul Arnold Turner, price: $85,000.  Vacant.


Property Transfers for 37067 as recorded in Williamson County

107 International Drive, Cool Springs East, Franklin, buyer: Sojourn Nashville LLC, seller: Carothers Park LLC, price: $1,025,000.  Vacant.

62 Alton Park Lane, Windsor Park, Franklin, buyer: Barbara F. Peabody, seller: Irrevocable Trust, price; $205,000.

115 Mealer Street, Hurstbourne Park, Franklin, buyer: John P. and Rebecca L. Morgan, seller: Christopher and Amy Klimas, price: $454,000.

450 Whistler Curve, Whistler Farms, Franklin, buyer: Benjamin and Jessica Montag Gastel, seller: Gary T. Tharpe and Linda A. Tharpe, price: $260,000.

334 Tippecanoe Drive, Village of Clovercroft, Franklin, buyer: Alan and Linda S. Dyer, seller: Jones Company, price: $359,861.

2004 Turning Wheel Lane, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Lynn and James T. Harnen, Jr., seller: Jones Company, price: $210,000.

340 Tippecanoe Drive, Village of Clovercroft, Franklin, buyer: Joseph Michael and Meredith A. Bucher, seller: Brian C. and Courtney A. Jones, price: $356,500.

410 Wandering Trail, Avalon, Franklin, buyer: Wyatt England, seller: Kevin M. and Barbara M. Duff Knott, price: $415,000.

612 Lawrin Park, Fieldstone Farms, Franklin, buyer: Shelby Taylor, seller: Lauren Curtis Fee, price: $244,999.

1656 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood Pointe III, Brentwood, buyer: Phillip B. Douglas, Jr., seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage, price: $177,500.

413 Malcolm Drive, Hurstbourne Park, Franklin, buyer: Donald M. and Marilyn T. Hyde, seller: Drees Premier Homes, price: $545,390.

3242 Aspen Grove Drive, Aspen Grove, Franklin, buyer: CSEC Properties, seller: Cool Springs Lot 29 Partners, price: $319,680.

451 Logan’s Circle, Cheswicke Farm, Franklin, buyer: Evan Hamel, seller: David N. and Teresa H. Davenport, price: $358,800.

1225 Broadgate Drive, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Michael Haynie, seller: Jones Company, price: $447,567.

Property Transfers for 37069 as recorded in Williamson County

110 Caroline Close Drive, Caroline Close, Franklin, buyer: Adnan and Ayesha Chauhry Zafar, seller: Trace Partners, price: $866,207.

109 Scarlett Pike, Caroline Close, Franklin, buyer: Mark B. and Penny Myers, seller: Barlow Builders, price: $200,000.  Vacant.

560 Crofton Park Lane, Fieldstone Farms, Franklin, buyer: Martha R. Collins Revocable Living Trust, seller: Thomas L. and Katherine Collins Davis, price: $390,000.

212 Forest Ridge Court, Forest Home Farms, Franklin, buyer: Craig and Kimberlee O’Neil, seller: James M. Chaffee, price: $475,000.

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